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In the project I Händelsernas Centrum (eng: “In the Midst of Everything”), artistic expressions and educational initiatives take place to create encounters and dialogues about ongoing changes in our shared living environments.

Due to the ongoing industrial transition, Kiruna is undergoing significant transformations that raise questions about our living environments and the importance of a vibrant and active art and cultural scene. The project I Händelsernas Centrum aim to explore how collective thinking and creativity can contribute to positive changes in our public spaces.

At three locations in Kiruna, artworks by artists Jenny Nordmark, Daniel de Paula, and Lena Stenberg are created and displayed. In collaboration with the Child Culture Design program at the Academy of Art and Design (HDK-Valand), educational and co-creative activities are carried out together with children and youths in Kiruna.

Through the artworks and educational focus in the project, we aim to approach complex social structures in ways that can generate interest, provide new insights, and foster engagement.

Image: Jenny Nordmark, FOLKMAKT, 2024. Installation och invigningstal på Stadshustorget i Kiruna. Luleåbiennalen 2024. Photo: G. Rúnar Gudmundsson/Norrbottens museum

I Händelsernas Centrum is a Leader project

I Händelsernas Centrum is a Leader project, carried out with support from the Swedish Board of Agriculture, and Leader Tornedalen 2030, and is partially financed by the European Union. In the project I Händelsernas Centrum, art experiences are created that provides concrete examples of how culture and art impact our living environments, experiences of places, and our well-being amidst ongoing and imminent changes. Learn more about Leader Tornedalen here.

With support from

I Händelsernas Centrum is supported by the European Union, the Swedish government, Leader Tornedalen 2030, Kiruna Municipality and LKAB.

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